"I felt a little unsure and sceptical about having a coach, but as soon as Joanna and I got talking she made me feel so at ease and comfortable. After each meeting I'm left feeling understood, happier and feeling a little more stronger, so much so I have taking so many steps towards achieving my goals. I realise that I underestimated how having a coach like Joanna could help me achieve my goals. I have experienced a lot of ups and downs recently but still have managed to keep it all together and I have been getting things done that would not have been done before if it wasn't for having Joanna coaching me all the way. I can't recommend Joanna enough. I know I will always stay connected to Joanna as she is the reason my life is changing for the better and I'm so grateful"

Stacey, Beauty Therapist

Working with Joanna has been amazing, really professional, so relaxed and easy to speak with. Each session helped me gain greater knowledge in my life and the choices I was making. Joanna has really helped me gain a better perspective on my life. I would highly recommend her and her programme. A truly amazing woman!”

Cara, Senior Nurse

"Working with Joanna I managed to identify my core limiting beliefs and work on transforming them. Joanna has shown so much patience and allowed me to use my voice again to work through things I needed to question. She beautifully guided me through a self-discovery journey where I felt held and heard but challenged when I needed a nudge to take me to the next level. I would definitely recommend Joanna!"
Jo, Teaching Assistant
"Joanna has such a brilliant capacity to make her clients feel seen and heard. During our sessions she compassionately held space for me to explore what I was going through and offered guidance and thoughtful questions when I felt stuck. She encouraged me to dig deeper without judgement and to feel confident in the answers I hold within.”
Natalie, Yoga Teacher