Staff Wellbeing & Resilience Workshop / Guest Speaker

In 2019/2020, 17.9 million working days were lost due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety. 

This accounted for 51% of all work-related ill health cases and 55% of all working days lost due to work-related ill-health (Health and Safety Executive)

Reduce stress in the workplace, improve staff wellbeing, increase job satisfaction, and save money!

By investing in your staff wellbeing and equipping them with tools and strategies to manage stress and to develop their emotional resilience, this can result in: 

  • staff feel happier and healthier, which reduces the number of sick days taken

  • staff have a greater sense of job satisfaction and feel more motivated, so are less likely to leave 

  • staff feel more resilient and better able to manage stress

  • staff experiencing improved energy levels and less likely to make mistakes

  • increased performance and productivity

To meet your organisations unique requirements, I offer two options:

1. Staff Wellbeing Workshop

2. Guest Speaker at your company event. 

Staff Wellbeing and Resilience Workshop


The Staff Wellbeing and Resilience Workshop is designed to empower your staff to identify signs of stress, learn highly effective tools and strategies for reducing stress and increasing wellbeing and resilience, which leads to increased satisfaction, performance and productivity. 


As we do not work in isolation, the workshop has been designed to provide a holistic approach and aims to provide staff with tips, tools and practical steps they can incorporate into their daily lives so they can thrive in both their personal and professional lives. 


The workshop can be tailored to be delivered in one hour through to half day session, to meet your organisation's unique requirements.


The Staff Wellbeing and Resilience Workshop will cover: 


  • An introduction to stress awareness, including the signs, causes and the symptoms of stress

  • How to develop a clear vision on what a work-life balance looks like for you


  • Ways to increase your motivation levels


  • Gain a better understanding of what creates feelings of stress and overwhelm and learn new techniques to master your stress


  • Identify the power of self talk and how to tame your inner critic


  • Developing your mindset to unlearn stress and burnout patterns of behaviours


  • Developing ways to increase emotional resilience

  • Developing your mindset and workplace culture to foster creativity and innovation 


  • Learn time management techniques to reduce overwhelm and increase productivity 


  • Learn ways to build your energy levels and create a sustainable work-life balance

  • Develop your own wellbeing action plan

Staff will also receive training materials and a work-plan resource for immediate application of concepts learnt.

Guest Speaker 


As your guest speaker, as well as bringing energy and motivation, I will also provide staff with tips on simple strategies they can incorporate into their lives to help overcome stress and overwhelm. Making small changes can become accumulative and help us to breakthrough and find a way to build a lifestyle that is empowering, fulfilling and balanced. 


Topics covered include:


  • Developing a clear vision of what creating a work-life balance means to you

  • Stress management tips to master your stress and better cope with life’s challenges

  • Developing your mindset to unlearn stress and burnout patterns of behaviours


  • How to increase your motivation levels


  • Prioritising personal care to improve energy levels and create sustainable work-life balance


  • Establishing boundaries to empower you to communicate your needs


  • Ways to build your emotional resilience

Whether you choose to invite me as your Guest Speaker at your event or to deliver your Staff Wellbeing and Resilience Workshop, the following extras are included: 


  • Q & A session during the scheduled event

  • Employee discount code for personal coaching programmes. 

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I am a certified professional Coach with a Psychology Degree and a Masters in Developmental Disorders. I have worked within the fields of wellbeing, behaviour change and motivation for nearly twenty years, working predominantly across the education and health sectors.


I am on a mission to help busy professionals overcome stress and overwhelm by empowering both individuals and organisations as a whole to develop their knowledge, mindset and tools to better manage workplace stress and increase emotional resilience to improve wellbeing, performance and fulfilment within people's professional and personal lives.

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