Foundation Stress Management Programme

Sometimes things come up in life that can leave us feeling overwhelmed, but a little bit of extra support can help us clear through the fog of overwhelm, regain a sense of control and get clear on the steps you need to take to move forward. Maybe you have an interview coming up, or you have a big project in work that is craving your attention. Rather than let the overwhelm impact negatively on your performance and subsequently all areas of your life, take back control and feel back on top of things. 

Over 4 x 60 minutes intensive sessions, the Foundation Stress Management Programme will support you to: 

  • Gain real clarity of what you want the outcome to be, WHY this is so important to you and how this aligns to your VALUES

  • Eliminate limiting beliefs that are fuelling your feelings of overwhelm so you can feel calmer and regain a sense of control 

  • Establish an inspired action plan with clear steps you can take to move forward confidently 

"Joanna created a beautiful safe space for me to explore my thoughts, feelings and desires. She asked questions that moved me forward in a gentle way and guided me into deeper insights. I left the session feeling light and with a practical next step for a better balance in my everyday life"