My Coaching Services

I work with people trying to balance their career and personal life or who may just be feeling completely overwhelmed and know they cannot continue to live their life with continual high level stress, and are ready to make a change. 

My 12 weeks 1:1 tailored coaching programme, based on the Clique Method, is designed to help you get to know yourself better by uncovering your own insights and truths and identify underlying beliefs that lead to feelings of overwhelm in the first place.

You will learn how to let go of limiting beliefs holding you back, experience mindset transformations and develop tools and strategies to build a new outlook on life that will help you better manage life stresses, achieve greater success and fulfilment in your career and create balance in your life. 


Join My Coaching Programme to transform stress and overwhelm and create balance, success and fulfilment in your life. 


Get clear on what you want

The first important step is to gain clarity on what YOU really want and what success and a better life balance looks like for you.

I will help you reconnect with your inner self and what is important to you so you can start taking steps towards living life the way you want to. 

Identify what is keeping you stuck

If we do not know our blocks, we cannot remove them. 

I'll help you identify your subconscious blocks that create your feelings of stress and overwhelm, so you can get them out of your way and get on with living life on your terms !

Transform Your 

By using a combination of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), I will help you to release your blocks and transform your mindset so you can start to live your life the way you want to!


12 weeks 1:1 tailored coaching programme

consists of...


  • Weekly 60 minutes 1:1 coaching video calls held over Zoom

  • The sessions are customised to your unique goals and desires

  • Based on your desired outcomes and what you would like more support with, you will be assigned activities to undertake inbetween sessions to help develop, reinforce and compliment the progress made during the sessions.

Having a coach to be accountable to for the changes you want to make in your life can be very powerful. 

It is important to note here, this is not counselling. As a coach, our focus will be on what future you wish to create and helping you move towards it. 

What People Say

- Jo, UK


Within the time I’ve been working with Joanna I have managed to identify my core limiting beliefs and work on transforming them. I have gained so much clarity and awareness about where they have stem from that it was so much easier for me to carry on with identifying other patterns in my life that have not been serving me anymore. Joanna has shown so much patience for me and allowed me to use my voice again to work through things that I really needed to question. She has beautifully guided me through a self-discovery journey where I felt held and heard but also challenged when I needed a nudge to take me to the next level. I would defiantly recommend Joanna!

—  Name, Title

  • Do you feel like you are juggling everything, but not achieving as much as you feel you could?

  • Do you feel stressed, overwhelmed and burnt out? 

  • Do you wish you had more time, energy and were better organised to do the things you want? 

  • Do you put everyone and everything on the to-do-list except yourself? 

  • Are you constantly thinking about the next thing to do or worrying about the future?

  • Do you procrastinate, feel overwhelmed and second guess your decisions or abilities?

  • Do you feel guilty that you are not able to give enough of your attention to your family and to your job? 


  • Do you feel like you need me make a change but you are not sure where to start?  

Through my 12 week intensive programme you can: 


  • Gain clarity on what a balanced life looks like for you and develop an inspired action plan to help you achieve it. 

  • Identify your limiting beliefs that create your feelings of stress and overwhelm. 

  • Transform your mindset to overcome feelings of stress and overwhelm and develop a greater sense of calm, confidence and control in your life. 

  • Develop tools and strategies to better manage life stresses. 

  • Learn how to raise your energy levels in order to invest it into the things most important to you. 

  • Develop confidence in your decision making abilities.

  • Learn how to create success and fulfilment in all aspects of your life.

Are you ready to get started? 

If you are ready to make a change and let go of overwhelm and burnout being a key feature in your life.


If you are ready to work on your mindset, learn to let go of limiting beliefs holding you back and develop the tools and strategies to build a new outlook on life that will help you better manage life stresses and achieve balance, success and fulfilment in your life, book your FREE Coaching Consultation now!