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I had carefully built this suit of amour, of being the “strong one”, the person who was there for everyone else and got things done, but never asking for help. The problem was, underneath the amour I felt overwhelmed, exhausted and lost. 


The reality is, I lived like this for too long, and it left me feeling exhausted and anxious all of the time. 


The turning point came for me when I could see the impact this was having, not only on myself, but on the people I loved and that is when I knew I needed to make a change. 


The problem was everything felt outside of my control. I felt like I didn’t have a choice. That’s when I started looking at changing the one thing I have control over…ME! 


Bit by bit I changed my mindset and my lifestyle, I changed the expectations I was placing on myself, I learnt how to begin prioritising my needs and rediscovered what gave me purpose in life. 


I now feel calmer, I have more energy and I have the headspace to appreciate the smaller things in life as well as have greater resilience to navigate the challenges that life brings our way. 


Since starting on this journey, I can’t believe how much I have achieved and for the first time in a very long time I feel like me and I like who I am. I am able to relax, spend time playing with my daughter and prioritise myself. 


I know life is face-paced, with so many conflicting responsibilities and priorities that it can feel like these things are outside of our control, we don’t have a choice and we are unable to make a change. 


But I am living proof that it is possible. With clarity and commitment, you can take back control and start creating the life you want, one step at a time. 


I am so proud and grateful of what I have achieved that I now help other women do the same. When I knew I needed to make a change, I didn’t know where to turn or who could help me, so I now want to share with as many women as possible how they can make that change and to start living life with greater purpose and passion. 


I love helping my clients to get clarity on what they actually want their life to be like and helping them take the steps to achieve it, so they can feel happier, calmer and more confident in their decisions and have the time and energy to be present with the people they love and to do the things they enjoy. 


I offer a 1:1 coaching programme as well as making guest speaker appearances at local and national events. 

When I look back on my life over the last few years, I can’t believe how far I have come and the incredible impact this has had not only on me, but also on the people I love. 


I used to be constantly on the go, juggling it all, trying to balance my career with my family life, prioritising the needs of everyone else and making sure everything was done before taking care of my own needs and desires. 


Looking back, I now understand the massive impact these decisions had on my wellbeing and left me feeling like I was just existing rather living. 


On the outside people would probably look at me and think, things are good for Jo…I had a great job, loving husband, and a beautiful, healthy daughter. And all of those things were true (and they still are!), but inside I felt like I was existing rather than living. 


I felt like the proverbial swan, on the surface I was calm, confident and in control, but underneath I felt like I was treading water. 



Joanna Glassock BSc, MSc

Mindset and Confidence Coach
Certified Coach
NLP Master Practitioner

Having experienced how mindset work and coaching transformed my own life, it is now my mission to help others let go of limiting beliefs fuelling their feelings of stress and overwhelm, learn how to create balance and success in all areas of their life and to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life.


I am a certified Mindset and Life Management Coach and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner. In addition, I hold an honours degree in Psychology (BSc) and a Masters in Developmental Disorders (MSc). 

For nearly 20 years I have worked within the fields of wellbeing, behaviour 

change, motivation and transformation supporting both people on a personal level through to supporting organisations at a strategic level through programmes of transformation. 

What People Say

Find out what people say about working with Joanna and the transformations they have experienced

"Working with Joanna, I went from having no confidence and being stuck in my ways to letting go of my worries and fears that where not serving me.

Joanna showed me that life isn't about being perfect and that it is okay to make mistakes and how I have learnt to trust myself and move forward without feeling overwhelmed and pressured.

I'm now feeling more empowered and motivated to show nothing but the best of me without hesitating and I'm feeling more in control of my actions without having to force myself."