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Self Confidence & Mindset 
with Joanna

I help busy women regain balance, so they have the time and energy to be present with the people they love and do the things they enjoy

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Unsure what coaching is? 

Not sure how coaching can benefit you? 

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Sign up for one of my 1:1 Coaching Programmes or corporate workshops 

I offer a range of 1:1 personal development programmes and corporate workshops to empower busy professionals to transform stress and overwhelm, to create work-life balance and have the confidence to thrive in their careers. 

Hi, I'm Joanna, Self Confidence and Mindset Coach and Master NLP Practitioner. 

Trying to juggle all of life's responsibilities of family, career and home left me feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and struggling to keep on top of all aspects of my life. 

I struggled with confidence and self doubt. I used to overthink everything, worried that people would think I wasn't good enough and I felt sure someone would "find me out" as an imposter regardless of my qualifications and experience.

I felt like I needed to use my time productively to try and keep on top of things. I would put other people's needs and wants before my own as I didn't like to let people down.

This let me feeling overwhelm, exhausted and I found it hard to switch off my mind.  

Two years ago I started working on my beliefs and mindset and how I was was talking to myself. I learnt about the beliefs I held about myself and how this impacted on how I felt and subsequently acted. I have since learnt how to tame my inner critic, be more compassionate towards myself and as a result, I have become a more calmer and confident person. 

By experiencing personally how working on my beliefs and developing my mindset has had such a positive impact on own my life, I have since trained to become a certified Self Confidence and Mindset Coach where I help others by sharing the tools and techniques I use that help me feel happier, calmer, and more confident and content in life!

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About Me

How would it feel if you...
  • Woke up each day feeling refreshed, on top of things and ready to take on the day?

  • Had more time and energy to be present with the people you love and to do more of the things you enjoy? 

  • Had the confidence and self belief to show up as your unique self and trust in your abilities and decisions?

  • Lived your life with greater purpose, success and fulfilment?  

  • Felt you had more control over things? 

  • Had an inspired action plan to help you achieve your life goals?


  • Were able to create the freedom you want in your life?

  • Had the confidence and courage to live life the way you wanted to? 

  • Had more time for yourself, but without the guilt? 

If this sounds like how you would like to live your life, then my 12 week signature programme might be just for you!

Through my 12 weeks 1:1 intensive programme, I will support you to identify what is fuelling your feelings of stress and overwhelm, to overcome procrastinating and overthinking to develop time and stress management techniques so you can feel calmer, confident and in control, to develop your self worth and confidence so you can establish boundaries and prioritise self care without the guilt and create balance in your life, so you have the time, energy and motivation to achieve happiness, success and fulfilment in all aspects of your life.  

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